Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss

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Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss

Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss

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Another sign is the inability to get up to perform routine tasks such as getting to their food or water bowl and the failure to get up so as not to soil themselves. Sometimes, your loved ones will need additional information that is not readily available on paper or may need someone to help fill in the blanks. Make sure to keep this information handy for your loved ones in the event of your death or sudden incapacitation. 12. Assets and debts The more we think about our dreams and aspirations, the more likely we are to make them come true. While dreams exist as subconscious ideas, turning your dreams into goals is a way to turn them into actionable plans that are possible in the real world. As long as your dream is theoretically possible, you will be able to set your sight on it and work hard to achieve it. No matter how sad it sounds, keeping up with everything in today’s hectic world is impossible. We may want to try yoga, read twenty books per year, buy a coffee table, eat healthier, lose five pounds, start saving money, learn to drive a car, change a career, have financial freedom, and much more. But we can’t remember everything we have to do. And the more things we plan, the more distracted and disorganized we become. We procrastinate and can’t find time for what we really need. As a result, we feel frustrated and resentful. Sound familiar? image source: Financial Times As it has been said, funerals are for the living, and the same can be applied to a death anniversary. If you would like your loved ones to honor your death anniversary, it is worth listing a few ways in which you’d like them to do so. You can include things like a visit to your favorite city, enjoy a special meal, light a candle, or cheers to your honor. Conversely, you can also leave it open to interpretation, and let them decide for themselves. 25. Obituary or death notice

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Well here it is! Oftentimes we compare ourselves to others and think “ wow, everyone else is doing so much better than me” ( as if life is some sort of competition). A healthy person in their 20s, 30s, and even up into their 60s may have a very different view of the medical interventions they want during a life-threatening event. Individual preferences about the risks of these life-sustaining treatments make a huge difference in these decisions. If you are a younger, healthier person, you may be willing to endure intubation or tube feeding to prolong your life, even if it means prolonged use of those interventions to keep you alive. An unhealthy older adult Once you have a better idea of where your time, energy, and resources are going, you can start to better organise your life by creating a routine. Filling out any healthcare and medical documents for your end-of-life planning can seem like a lot. In fact, you may not even know which ones are necessary. Read through this list and find out which documents that best suit your needs. Then, find free advance directive forms for your state , complete them, then upload them to your Cake profile. 1. Healthcare power of attorney

While actively taking responsibility for our lives is the best option, sometimes we will face problems out of our control. In these scenarios, we must learn to accept and overcome things that we cannot change without spending our precious time complaining about what could have been. 16. Stretch your body each morning End-of-life planning is a crucial process that everyone should undertake and is often overlooked or delayed due to the uncomfortable nature of the topic. It’s much easier to make the best choices and have the important conversations now rather than waiting until your final days. These scales will vary in specificity, such that some drill down to assessing QOL in different domains, while others will serve as a more concise, global assessment. 1. The Quality of Life Scale (Flanagan, 1978)

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For example, plan out which days you wish to clean your home, water your plants, and do your weekly grocery shopping. You can then add in your other arrangements as you see fit, depending on how busy you are on each day. When planning for end-of-life issues, most people want to make their own medical, legal, and financial decisions. As mentioned above, for medical issues, you can use a living will. For financial matters, however, a durable financial power of attorney is the most important resource to have in your estate planning documents. It is a legal document that provides you current decision-making authority while ensuring the management of your financial affairs if you become incapacitated. However, consider what would happen if you suddenly became injured or disabled and needed long-term care for your daily health care needs. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, if you are 65 years old, there is a 70 percent chance that you will require some form of long-term care for more than five years during the remainder of your life. Long-term care can include the following: While the original scale comprised only four dimensions, Cohen and colleagues’ (2019) expanded version includes eight to better assess the domains that people nearing the end of their life report as important to their QOL. If you have food in your fridge, clothes in your cupboard, a roof over your head and a place to sleep in, you are richer than 75% of the world.Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter! When you realize that other people’s opinions have no control over your life you become free. A score of 5 indicates that your dog may have trouble with elimination, may have periodic incontinence, or may have difficulty with mobility but still be able to move around on their own regularly. Newschaffer, C. J. (1998). Validation of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) HRQOL measures in a statewide sample. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. GIFT 3: Do SOMETHING! eBook ( this is for you if you want to stop wasting time and start doing SOMETHING instead) GRAB IT HERE

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It’s important for us to be aware of when things might be getting too much for our pet. It means we can start to prepare ourselves for saying goodbye and ensure that our beloved friend won’t suffer.

We can think about the overlap between QOL and positive psychology by considering QOL’s overlap with features of Martin Seligman’s PERMA model. What are you planning to do for self-care this month? Keep it simple but strategic so that it really makes a difference to how you feel.

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Several questions were asked, but among them, participants were asked to recall life events that were especially satisfying to them or times when they witnessed harmful events that could detract from a person’s QOL. Taking the time to plan for end-of-life is incredibly important for both you and your loved ones. By planning for the future, you can ensure that your wishes are met and that your loved ones are not left with the burden of making difficult decisions during an already stressful and emotional time. As seniors or dying dogs approach their final months (or even years), our pets experience good and bad days. Your vet can help you measure your pet’s quality of life. But your vet only sees your pet during an appointment, and they know you are best-placed to understand how they are getting on day to day. A score of 10 indicates that your dog lives as its “normal self” with no (or very few) bad days throughout the year.The mystery of life is that we don’t know when it will end. Most people think of aging as the major risk factor for dying, and there is truth to this since life expectancy has its limits. But, everyone needs an end-of-life plan since disability and death can happen at any age. The thinking process will be different for someone in their 20s than someone in their 90s, and here’s why. A healthy younger person More and more assets are distributed through other avenues or resources called “will substitutes” or “non-probate devices.” For example, it is not unusual for the value of your pension or retirement account to exceed the value of your home. As a result, you may want your loved ones handling your estate to have all relevant information about your pension plan, retirement account, bank accounts, trusts, any life insurance policies, or payable-on-death accounts. Legacy, memories, and reflection are a natural part of aging as someone begins to think about their mortality. For an older person who is in poor health or has a terminal medical condition, prolonging life at the expense of quality time with loved ones may not make sense. Comfort, pain relief, and spiritual reflection become more critical than extending life. An older adult may have reached peace with the decision to let nature take its course. How to Create a Plan with Cake

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