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It is based on ROM 768, a skull and partial skeleton missing most of the tail and the hind legs below the knees, which was found by a field party from the University of Toronto in 1920 near Sand Creek along the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada. Unlike most dinosaur figures, the head is also moveable and can be twisted in a full circle (though why anyone would do that I don’t know).

Parasaurolophus Toy - Etsy UK Parasaurolophus Toy - Etsy UK

Later at night, several Parasaurolophus were drinking in a river alongside Iguanodon and Triceratops only to be scared by some falling burning Giant Locusts caused by Lewis Dodgson. Through observations, it was noted that a small herd of Parasaurolophus exhibited remarkable collective care and protection towards a sick, elderly, or wounded member. This makes sense, since it’s probably what any Parasaurolophus would do in real life when confronted with a ferocious predator. Oddly, the section "Exploring Jurassic Park Part 2" of the Topps comic Jurassic Park II and the Jurassic Park Topps card for Parasaurolophus states that it was cut from Jurassic Park [21] [17] even though a herd can be seen at the Watering Hole with Brachiosaurus.

A herd of original and accurate Parasaurolophus were running threw the snowy field in Sierra Nevada, chased by Owen and his DFW guys riding on the horse, leading them to the sanctuary.

Parasaurolophus | Jurassic Park Wiki | Fandom Parasaurolophus | Jurassic Park Wiki | Fandom

Parasaurolophus makes a brief cameo in the short, drinking at a river while a group of fisherman canoe past it during the end credits. L. (2015, June 12) ‘I Was a Failed Gallimimus’: Jurassic Park Through The Eyes of One of Its Magic Creators. The specimen was found in either the top of the Fruitland Formation or, more likely, the base of the overlying Kirtland Formation. Parasaurolophus is an extinct genus of hadrosaurid (sometimes referred to as the hadrosaurs or duck-billed dinosaurs) from approximately 76.It’s arms may be a bit on the small side, since Parasaurolophus also used them for walking on (so they’re legs too to a certain extent): they weren’t used for running though, something this sculpt is good at. Dinosaurs of New Mexico, from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, 17 Published by New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, in Albuqueque, New Mexico. Ultimately, the final sequence would feature the color of Parasaurolophus as having more of an earth tone and less red on the neck. Anatomy and relationships of Lambeosaurus magnicristatus, a crested hadrosaurid dinosaur (Ornithischia) from the Dinosaur Park Formation, Alberta, from the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol.

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